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At Christ Church we believe that God loves everyone. All ages, all backgrounds, all situations. One thing we do about this is to make sure that children and young people will find a place to belong and engage with God in a way that suits them.

We run groups for children right from 0 through to 18 years old. We want to ensure that the times that children are at church are happy times and provide a solid foundation for their faith. 

Many of these groups run during the Sunday Morning Service. We spend the first part of the service all together, and then the children and young people will be directed to their groups when the time comes. We also have midweek groups for Toddlers and Young People.

We care that your children are safe, so all adults in these groups have been security checked.

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0 – 2½ year olds

A safe, loving and fun environment for the little ones so that parents can participate in the Church service and Church activities without concern. As these are their first experiences with Church, we want to make it a positive and enjoyable experience for them.


2½ - Reception

In Climbers, we begin to look more at the Bible. We have lots of fun listening to the amazing stories and hearing about the incredible things that God can do. We also make lots of fun crafts and really enjoy singing and dancing!


School Years 1-3

In Adventurers, we look at Bible stories and learn how they can help us understand God and his love for us. We also love making crafts and playing fun games!


School Years 4-6

In Explorers, we continue to learning from the Bible and figuring out what it means to us today. We enjoy learning about this by playing lots of fun games and acting out the stories from the Bible! 



Babies & Toddlers and Parents/Carers

Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30 – 11am.

A fun and friendly group for parents/carers and their pre-school children with playing, singing, craft activities and refreshments.